Changing the Game

Think big. Think new. Think innovation.

When the rest of the world went to sleep, we went to work – harder than ever before. It was our challenge to bring the world of Ergoline, WellnessJK, & Beauty Angel to your fingertips – a way to interact and engage with our brands and our products, providing memorable experiences for salons and their customers.

As this year brought new perspectives and priorities, our digital footprint became the preferred method of communication.  With constant evolution in our digital efforts, our services continue to improve, and we look for new ways to support you in your business.

APP-lying ourselves – We are excited to announce a new way to service our customers. At JKPS we are constantly striving to be able to offer a Gold Standard when it comes to the service of our equipment. The JK app for service & equipment. We were looking for a way to reach our customers no matter the circumstances of our world and improve our operations nationwide. We wanted something that can be easily accessed, simple to use and understand and benefit each and every business owner.  The new Mobile Service App is being designed with our owner and operators in mind. We know how frustrating it can be when a piece of equipment is down, and you can’t find the right contact to get answers. With the app, service tickets are able to be submitted directly from your mobile device. Push notification along with updates and completion of service request will be right there at your fingertips. This will allow piece of mind and comfort knowing your equipment will be back up and running as soon as possible. We are really excited about this project and look forward to its official launch in 2021!

You’re Certified! – In addition to bringing service to your devices, we are bringing online service training for Ergoline Service Certifications. With the changes we have all been facing with the ongoing pandemic we have found a way to offer level 1 and 2 training as well as recertification courses from the comfort of your own computer. We will be launching an Online Service Training site around the 1st of the new year so that our current Techs as well as new service tech will be up to date on all current equipment. Salon staff and their technicians will have the opportunity to become certified online on our digital platform. This will allow for faster training certifications and equip the industry with a nationwide army of certified technicians to service to you and your customers.

The pandemic too has changed the game and we know that if nothing else goes right in 2020, we will be there when you need us the most. Our nationwide service call center has now extended call hours to support you and your schedule. Just another way to provide support in a time when it is vital to rely on those around you.

Taking risks to move the industry forward, and stepping out of our core business, Wellness JK was formed, a new segment in the JK Portfolio and a focus on spa and wellness.  WellnessJK brings natural solutions and alternative options for most any business.

For more than 30 years, our company has taken necessary measures to adapt and drive with the ever-changing industry and the challenges that come with being an industry leader. The transformation of JK Light is a testament of just this. Outside of lamps & parts, JK Light now offers lotions, PPE, sanitizers, cleaners, and accessories extending our realm of services and support that may be needed at any level. So, what’s next? How can we bring even more to you in the new year? Well, we like to keep you on your toes, but just keep in mind, when you think of JK Products & Services, think big. Think new. Think innovation.

We have a history of bringing excitement to our customers – and you know what they say, history WILL repeat itself.  


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