A Look Back at Experience Ergoline

A JK Products & Services Virtual Event

This fall, you were able to experience Ergoline like never before. For 3 days, we asked our customers and followers of Ergoline to join or team as we introduced new equipment, shared a few business tips and learned how other business are making it through the year.

Each year in the fall, we would normally gather together at and event show and have one-on-one interactions between you and our sales team. This year, with the restrictions on travel and limits on large gatherings, we took our show to the next level and brought it right to you.

Experience Ergoline was an event like no other that you could enjoy from the comfort of your home. Watch, engage and interact with our JK team on our Experience Ergoline platform, and attendees received special promotions and chances for giveaways EVERYDAY. Just for attending the show, customers received promotions on any purchase of Equipment, Lamps or Lotions from JK.  To make their experience even better, we gifted each purchase an Ergoline show bag with Ergoline swag. Each day was different but exciting and informative.

Day 1:

Ergoline’s President & Managing Director, Brynn Scarborough, introduced a new line up Hybrid equipment during Experience Ergoline – the Sunrise 7200 Hybrid & the Inspiration 550 Hybrid. These new beds area available for purchase and each bed comes with a starter marketing kit that includes posters, customer cards, promo items and more. Additionally, Eric Matras and Hans Both gave you a closer look at some of our Ergoline UV favorites – the Prestige 1400 & the Sunrise 6200. Later that day we took a look at one of our new brands, WellnessJK. At Wellness JK we offer UV free and natural solutions for your spa customers with the automated touchless Wellsystem Relax, the hydromassage bed, the Halotherapy, dry salt therapy, and the Beauty Angel, beauty light stand-up unit. Jarrod Rouanzoin spoke on the benefits of bringing different spa modalities into your business to reach more clientele.   Finally, on day 1, we announced our new partner – Sunless Inc. Brandon Cardinal the VP of Norvell, introduced Sunless Inc. and showed a live spray tan demo. The secret to day one? This day was exclusive to those that attended!

Day 2:

Day 2 of Experience Ergoline was all about the future of the industry and how to be successful in your business. The morning started off with a training session with Bailey Johnson from Devoted creations. After her session she answered Q&As and gave away a 2021 Launch Kit to Kate Hogan from Tan Republic. Later that day we sat down with Brynn Scarborough to discuss the industry moving forward and was later joined by Mike Blore, owner of California Sun, Brandon Cardinal, Lewis Henry from Devoted Creations, and Jenny Backman, owner of California Tan Factory for an industry panel discussion among top business leaders. We gained insight into how our top industry leaders managed this year and how they plan to tackle 2021. Day 2 was full of business education and resources for any salon or business owner to leave confident and encouraged to carry on in 2021.

Day 3:

For the final day of Experience Ergoline, we wanted to bring you resources and information that you could take on after the show was over. Brynn Scarborough and Mike Blore talked “School of Business sharing professional and industry experiences with valuable insight surrounding the challenges we have faced and overcame in 2020. After, Jarrod Rouanzoin with JK Sales and Lynetta Pilkinton with JK Light gave us a sneak peek inside JK Products & Services with an emphasis in Service and the Light departments. Jarrod announced the new service app that will be available in 2021 and Lynetta spoke on JK Light and the excitement about adding Sunless Inc. to lamps and lotions in JK. Melissa Damiani with Sunlync touched on the latest developments with the Tan Line social distancing feature, new database hosting and provided a live demo for all attendees.  For the final session of the day, JK Marketing team with Amanda Grissom & Victoria Eckert presented their marketing achievements from this year and shared resources like the JK Marketing Tool that helps to market and advertise your business.

That’s a Wrap!

We have learned so much while hosting this event; a lot about our employees and how hard they work to bring you the best experience they can, a lot about how to adapt to ever-changing circumstances in our industry, and a lot about our loyal customers who provide insight into the business as a whole. We’ve learned that technology will work when it wants to and though we would rather be in person with you, we learned that we would do what it takes to give you an event that you won’t forget. Without the over 200 salons that participated during our 3-day show answering chats, polls and questions – we would not have been as successful. Thank you for attending our first ever virtual event.

Keep your eyes open for an exciting 2021 from Ergoline as our team works hard to bring new ways to engage and support you. We will start the year with a marketing seminar to answer some of the top questions from Experience Ergoline and don’t miss your chance to attend our next show in the Spring. Experience Ergoline was a blast and we thank all those who attended and participated in our event and we will see you soon!


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