Equipment Service Advancements

Author: Jarrod Rouanzoin

As the technology in equipment advances, so does the fear of making sure that equipment is always up and running. We know that you are not able to generate revenue if a piece of equipment is down. Therefore, it is amongst the highest priority for JK Products & Services to provide you with the best possible way to maintain your equipment.

With the recent pandemic, extreme weather, and changing landscape of technology and communication, we understand the importance of staying up to date on how our customers communicate and get their equipment serviced.


Introducing a new digital platform from JK Service – the Online Service Training Portal. This is specifically designed for new and existing technicians.  This online service portal provides the opportunity for technicians to begin, continue, and advance their JK certification.

JK is committed to providing our customers with knowledge and training necessary for successful operation and maintenance of JK equipment. The launch of the NEW ‘Intro’ level training is a great overview for your staff on how to best maintain, troubleshoot, and even service your equipment.

JK Online Service Training is a combination of online learning, as well as a live meeting with an instructor to conduct and answer any questions. JK online training is set up in sections. Sessions start with Introductory and move into Level One, Level Two, and Level Three. Each level takes the technician deeper into the maintenance, diagnosis, and repair of our units.

In the attempts to stay up on technology and communicate with units from a remote site, we are excited about the advancement of our remote access capabilities coming soon. JK Service maintains a focus on extending opportunities for education this year and we hope to see you and your employees take advantage of the resources we have to offer. For more information about requirements for the training, please visit 

Summer Training Dates:

Introductory: April 19 | May 17 | June 21 | July 12

Level One: April 20 | May 18 | June 21 | July 13

Level Two: April 21 | May 19 | June 23 | July 14

Level Three: April 22 | May 20 | June 24 | July 12

Register for Online classes here:


Brynn Scarborough is the Executive Director of Sales for JK North America, representing industry-leading brands including Ergoline, Sun Angel, Beauty Angel, Soltron and Wellsystem. With the company since 2012, Brynn brings extensive knowledge of sales management, customer relations, leadership development and public speaking. Responsible for North American, Canadian, South & Central American Markets, she spends time investing in her management staff and employees, while growing the market and navigating national accounts. Graduated in August of 2017 with an Executive MBA from the Sykes School of Business at the University of Tampa, Brynn invests heavily in pursuing industry-leading innovation and technology with Ergoline. In her free time Brynn enjoys fitness, travel and yoga, and is a certified yoga instructor, through Yoga Alliance.

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