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JK is proud to kickoff 2023 with our first exclusive Ergoline Spotlight! At JK, we believe wholeheartedly in supporting our salon customers beyond the sale with training, service, and product education. Ergoline systems provide trusted and high-performing light technology that tanners rave about. We are excited to share what our customers are saying about Vitality by Ergoline…

“Jill and I want to take a moment to let you know how pleased we are with the decision to purchase the Vitality TLTs and the installation experience. Brandon and Jeremy were efficient and professional, working non-stop. Training the staff on the beds has been a breeze so far, and the clients love the extra control the TLT affords to them. All in all, the experience was an enjoyable transition. We wanted to also thank you for your assistance in making all this possible and helping with coordinating the process along with Shannon and everyone else at JK.”

Glen Harrod – South Beach Tanning, Wesley Chapel, FL

“The feedback on the Vitality TLT has been outstanding! It is simply a WOW factor bed – like tanning in a Mercedes! We have had many customers convert to only using the TLT and a few dozen upgrading their membership! It’s sill the slow season and overall traffic is lower right now, but I anticipate MANY people will be waiting for that bed in the busy season. Will we need a second one? Time will tell!

The tan appears to develop more golden bronze and we have heard many customers comment about how nice their skin feels. Personally, I am obsessed with my results because I’m extremely fair-skinned and burn quite easily, yet I still get great, bronze results using the TLT’s Sensitive setting. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and look forward to educating even more customers about the skincare benefits of this system!”

April Bauer – Executive Tans, Algonquin, IL

“When we were invited to Clearwater, FL for the product reveal, I was very skeptical of what we would see. This was the most exciting tanning show experience in our 21 years as salon owners! In my mind, I thought some exotic light show on the outside of the bed for about $4-5 thousand more and basically, the same tanning technology on the inside. Boy, was I wrong!

The Vitality TLT is the first bed you see in our salon. The exterior is sleek and very eye-catching but it is the technology that sets it apart. Our customers really enjoy having options to customize the UV and red- and blue-light tanning experience they desire. Red Light, Blue Light, UV Light, Mist, Aromatherapy, the type of music they want to hear and a phone charger – all in a very roomy bed.

There has been a notion that to tan, one will need to feel hot or be sweating. The Vitality puts this notion to rest. The three-zone Temptronic gives the perfect climate from head to toe and still with a beautiful tan. Our customers can now experience a new realm of tanning, one that incorporates UV tanning with age-defying. I have numerous customers whose scars, acne, eczema and psoriasis have substantially diminished because of Vitality’s many beauty components. Not only does this bed help with the skin’s youthfulness, but it delivers a beautiful bronze tan they deserve.

To date, the Vitality TLT is our No. 1 bed. We tanned over 500 sessions in November alone! Want to set your salon apart? This is a WOW factor you won’t want to do without.”

Ron King – Tanning Unlimited, Quincy IL

“I want to describe the client experience in the new Vitality TLT as like the astronaut ‘Overview Effect.’ Defined as ‘a state of awe precipitated by a particularly striking visual stimulus,’ the cognitive shift that emerges with a session in the TLT radically reorients the user to a new, elevated experience. If I thought a tanning session in an Affinity series was pampering, then TLT is out of this world!

Right away, the TLT’s eye-catching design, Bluetooth connect and phone charging port tell the user that they are about to experience something new. With the interactive tablet display outside the canopy, users get the autonomy to build their oasis from the start. Our clients love this ‘WOW’ factor!

During the session, the TLT continues to impress. The new Spectra facials, combined with Activating Blue-Light LEDs, Red-Light LEDs, Beauty Light and Hybrid Light, create a radically new and exceptionally unique experience. One of my favorite customer responses to the TLT has been how soft her facial skin felt after using it for only one week. Speaking of one week, our salon has sold 65 EFT memberships for this unit! We have yet to have a customer try it and decline to upgrade their membership or purchase additional upgrades to use it again.

In a particularly challenging economic climate, the salon is benefiting from offering additional hybrid retail products and the new equipment. A traditionally, ‘slow season’ lull has been a period marked by new customer traffic, increased sales and momentum. It will be very exciting to see what the TLT will bring in the coming season!”

Amy Ringler – The Midas Touch, Emporia, KS

“The feedback for the new Ergoline Vitality is absolutely amazing. In 30 years in business, this is by far the best investment we have ever made! Introducing the hybrid light technology and the option to benefit from light therapy during the session draws so many customers.

We created a separate level for this bed which is well deserved. Many customers have upgraded memberships to include this bed and since its arrival, it’s been the busiest equipment every single day (from all our levels). Overall, our customers describe it as a ‘tanning experience like no other,’ the ‘most luxurious experience in this bed, delivering the most beautiful, longest lasting tan.’

I was very impressed by how Ergoline paid attention to every small detail on the Vitality. The design draws a lot of attention, and operation during the session is very easy, even though there are many options to choose from. The Spectra LED facials are amazing, and the results they deliver are unmatched by any other facial I have ever used. We are so happy with the Ergoline Vitality and we look forward to installing the next one!”

Ofir Anchel – Sun Spa Tanning, Sherman Oaks, CA

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