Warm Up With Red Light

What is Red Light and what exactly can it do for you… Red Light is known to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks, but it can do much more. It can reduce joint pain, inflammation and arthritis, enhance muscle recovery and athletic performance. Red Light can also increase circulation & blood flow, reduce skin issues, and improve the overall look of your skin.

Red Light Features & Benefits

Red Light is a UV free environment that is for EVERYONE! Regardless of age, gender, or skin-tone. Red Light can be used in our very own Vitality Series and the Beauty Angel. Total Light Technology allows you to use the combination of Red Light, Blue Light, and UV all in one fully customizable session allowing you to turn the UV Light off.


Most Asked Questions & Answers

Q: How often can Red Light be used?

A: Red Light is recommended for use 3-4 times a week, as the body benefits from breaks.

Q: Can my medications interfere with my Red Light session?

A: Some medications contain ingredients that cause photosensitivity, meaning they might cause adverse effects when your body is exposed to the light. Please consult with your physician or pharmacist if your medication causes photosensitivity. If it does, we would advise to stop your red light regimen while on this medication. Refer to the medications poster for more details.

Q: Should I wear eyewear?

A: We recommend using the goggles that are provided with red light. But normal sunglasses are also fine if you feel comfortable with them. The only important thing is to keep your eyes closed during your session.

Q: Should I use red light before or after my tanning session?

A: We typically recommend using red light before a tanning session. Keep in mind, a prior session in red light can stimulate your skin, and can lead to better tanning results, but also a higher risk of sunburn. When you use red light followed by tanning for the first time make sure to reduce your tanning session time, so you don’t overexpose.

Red Light is the perfect way for you to achieve multiple benefits for the skin and body in a warm and relaxing environment.

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