5 Ways to Stay Engaged During the Off-Season

You may be missing the fast, frenetic pace of the busy season…and more likely, the revenue it generates. However, slower months can provide an opportunity to review, refine and optimize your business to set you up for success in the up-coming season. JK Products & Services shares five ways to stay busy during off-season by refreshing your business, equipment and most importantly, the customer experience you offer.

Get Organized & Freshen Up

Update your business contact lists for quick support and customer service. Check product expiration dates and update ordering sheets. Refresh in-room instructional information and perform a deep cleaning on equipment. Revamp and reorganize your lobby by moving the furniture and adding a new coat of paint.

Salon, Operations & Staff

Education is crucial for success and keeping up to date with staff training on products, equipment, membership programs and selling techniques is imperative. Having competent, knowledgeable, and friendly staff will only help keep your guests coming back. To efficiently and effectively onboard new staff members, take the time to create and provide refresher or advanced training with accessible reference materials for all business areas. Plan for upcoming hiring needs and review what worked or didn’t work last season in terms of staff needed and schedule shifts to meet customer demand. For maximum efficiency, review and streamline processes from last season such as staff scheduling, product ordering, membership sign-up and billing.

Equipment 101

Update equipment information for each service room and service type. Create a digital or hard copy folder that lists the equipment, including serial number, type of lamps or other products needed for the service type, and who to call for ordering. Have a copy of the operating manual and all other compliance sheets for equipment organized and easily accessible. Be preventative with equipment maintenance. The first step in doing this is keeping filters clean and maintained, a simple step that can prolong equipment life by ensuring proper airflow and avoiding heat-related performance issues. Keep acrylic shields clean using the recommended cleaners and technique, as this also plays an essential role in maintaining the life of your tanning systems. Review regular preventative maintenance practices for refreshing and cleaning equipment. For downloadable cleaning and equipment maintenance checklists, visit the resource page on jkproducts.us.


Use this slower time to get a head start on planning promotions for the upcoming season. The first step in determining your promotional objectives and timing is setting measurable goals you intend to accomplish throughout the year. Promote new memberships in the pre-season and focus on products and new services for the current season. Review previous promotions and their effectiveness/success and brainstorm new promotional ideas. Create your promotional calendar in advance for the year ahead and outline details of the promotion and what is needed to execute it. Use social media and in-salon content to promote, educate, inform, and entertain. Create your post to include and connect with other industries of interest in line with your business, such as fashion, beauty, and travel trends.

Customer Experience

Engage with your customer/membership base. Ask them about their experience, gain feedback on new products or services and show your appreciation for their loyalty. Host a customer appreciation event for current members. Plan and provide exclusive offers and promotions during the event. Highlight and demonstrate new services or upgrade to higher-level products to keep existing customers informed and visiting again. As this season ends, take the time to appreciate the challenges and lessons this year has offered. Continue your customer and employee education. Engage with your guests and invest in various equipment and services to bring new and encouraging opportunities to your business. Make the next season one to remember!

Slower months can provide an opportunity to review, refine, and optimize your business to set you up for success in the upcoming season.

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