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The Customer Experience: Diversification and Simplification of Services

It’s common knowledge that when a business name is top of mind or within a customer’s sightline, they’re more likely to choose that brand or service for their continued business.  But how do you get to that point? How do you build your business and exposure through the customer experience in a growing and evolving market? 

Marketing and advertising are valuable, of course, as are social media and connections with local and regional influencers who might help share your products or services.  But getting the kind of exposure and connection you want to stay in front of customers’ eyes involves so much more.  What is the key to creating a customer experience that keeps them coming back again and again? 

The key is diversification. The DIVERSIFICATION of services and equipment can provide a new experience for the customer, and this most often results in more market share and new customer foot traffic.

As a consumer we want options, easily within reach.  By offering a mix of services and products that complement one another, you begin to create a space for your consumers to visit again and again. 

Consumers are looking to you for suggestions to guide them on what’s next in their customer journey, from the newest equipment to the hottest lotion, wellness path, or session package. As successful business owners, it’s our responsibility to provide these experiences that create excitement through new equipment, services, and products, even if that means pushing out of your comfort zone and trying new things like Red Light or Automated Massage. 

Brynn Scarborough, CEO & President of JK Products & Services, shares insight on the evolution of consumer demand. 

“We used to believe that people would not spend the extra money to invest in their wellness, but after the pandemic, we realized that this behavior has changed, and consumers have increased spending in health and wellness and are willing to invest in themselves more.

In conclusion, now more than ever, consumers are investing in themselves, with a heightened focus on health and wellness. With the diversification of products & services in your business, you are creating a need for customers to visit each week, whether a new product, service, or special promotion. By providing your clients with a comfortable space, excellent benefits, and products, your business will quickly become a place where people can come to relax, socialize, and escape the everyday.

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