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Total Light Technology represents a new era in combined UV and light technology. This combination of Red Light, Blue Light and UV provides optimal tanning results and high levels of client customization to each and every session. Your customers demand the very best and Total Light Technology is here to meet increasing demands for innovation and individualized results.

For the first time, Total Light Technology provides users with full session control to focus on their individual tanning and color development goals. From personalized control of UV Settings to a fully UV-Free Session, users will love the freedom to custom tailer each session to their desired output.



ENERGIZED AND IMPROVED– Blue light activates the organism, has energizing properties and boosts the vitality of the whole body. In the skin it acts like a conductor to ensure that the individual light reactions are well-coordinated. The introduction of Blue Light Technology to the vitality line of products is the next of client comfort, and efficiency. The use of the Activating Light Technology (patent pending in Switzerland) allows more intense tanning results with the same UV dose.


ADVANCED SKINCARE WITH ADVANCED OPTION – Allows skin care customization during your session at the touch of a button. Using the Interior Touch Control, clients may choose to reduce or turn off UV in both the body and facial areas for a skin care only session utilizing Red Light and Blue Light LED’s.


LED FACIAL TANNER – The LED facial tanner reduces power consumption by up to 80% and has a 20,000 hour life time. Significantly reducing heat production and skin irritation, Spectra by Ergoline delivers a better tanning performance than ever before. The optimized light spectrum delivers a comfortable and effective tanning experience, while still allowing individual control of the facial tanners.


ADD YOUR OWN TUTORIAL AND MARKETING VIDEOS – The smart video function offers the option of playing tutorial videos and even your own branded advertisements and promotions. Another new feature is the demo mode, which can be used to explain the sunbed to your customers. The exterior control panel with smart video ensures each and every customer receives the highest level experience and fully utilizes all features and benefits of your Ergoline equipment.

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