A Strong Move

A Strong Move: Growing JK Direct

As our industry continues to show a post-COVID comeback, JK Products & Services recently announced a strong move in line with this growth trend with the purchase of tanning product distributor, Tan Marketing. Based in Edwardsville, IL the company – JK Direct – will be headed by former Tan Marketing President, Tom Neiscuir. IST chatted with Neiscuir about this move that will have a positive effect on the distribution of JK products. 

IST: Tom, you’ve had quite a run in the tanning industry over several decades. Very few of us really planned out this longevity, so kudos to you! Tell our readers how you got your start. 

TN: I started my company ( Tan Marketing ) in the late 80s selling a product called Mister-Chair – a lounge chair with a water-misting system that was designed to cool a person’s body as they sunbathe. Eventually, I networked my way to a tanning equipment company called Sun Industries and began to also market their Sundash tanning bed line. In just a few years, I grew to become their largest U.S. distributor. 

As the tanning industry began to develop, Sun Industries was purchased by worldwide leader, JK Ergoline of Germany. This was one of the highpoints of my career. Their diversified products and services were a huge compliment to my growing business and I soon became their leading distributor. 

IST: What a great story! With that level of growth, there are occasional roadblocks that must be overcome. What were yours? 

TN: Well, certainly, the media has always seemed to have a negative influence on indoor tanning. Despite that, we continued to grow, which is a great testament to the hardworking staff I developed for my company. 

Of course, COVID impacted my company, as it did thousands of other small businesses. I think the pandemic is the biggest challenge any of us, both professionally and personally, have ever faced. I then had an incredibly fortuitous phone conversation with Ergoline President and Managing Director, Brynn Scarborough. I explained my concerns with moving forward in the tanning business, which is the love of my life – second to my family, of course. Brynn invited me to stay in the industry, along with my brother Bill, as employees of JK America. 

JK proceeded with the purchase of Tan Marketing and enrolled Bill and I very rapidly as employees. This fantastic development will benefit both JK and the Niesciur family. We can now continue to work with our long-time customers and develop in our new role as JK Direct. 

IST: What a great move for you, as well as JK. How do you see our industry going forward? 

TN: I see the tanning business changing in many different aspects with hybrid-type salons and spas offering both tanning and wellness services combined and continuing to prosper as the next evolution of our industry. 

IST: Tom, all the best to you and Bill in your expanding role with JK Products and Services. It’s going to be exciting to watch your continued growth! 

The entire JK team appreciates the support of Tan Marketing over the past 25 years and is pleased to be working with Tom and Bill going forward. Commented Ergoline President and Managing Director, Brynn Scarborough, “As we approach 2022, JK is positioned to offer the industry the necessary resources and support for continuous and enhanced success. Now more than ever, we look ahead to a new year of partnering with our salon customers as the industry leader.”  

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For more information about JK Products & Services, visit www.jkproducts.us or call 888.771.0996. 


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