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Scattered across southeast Minnesota, discover a wealth of ultimate body tanning and spa salons – Totally Tan & Spa. This booming tanning and spa business was established in 1999 by Don and Patti Nelson currently transitioning to retirement while excited to keep the family business going with their son Michael Nelson and daughter Nikki Schwartz. With hard work, dedication and perseverance, the Nelsons became pioneers in Minnesota. Totally Tan & Spa now dominates Minneapolis with 17 salons.

“I consider myself very fortunate to have learned everything from them.” Michael has been in the industry now for 13 years and prides himself on his ability to inspire confidence and boost his guest’s wellbeing through his services. At JK, we are inspired by our salon owners and intrigued to discover more about this business and growing success. 

Your wellness…Our Passion

Your wellness, our passion is a statement that Nelson builds upon each day. A guest’s experience is the most important goal for Totally Tan & Spa. It’s not just a membership, this is a lifestyle. Trained staff consult each new client to access their goals to achieve maximum results.

“We have such an incredible team…professional and exceptionally trained. They really care about the tanning and wellness industry, each other, and our guests.” What can you expect when you walk through the doors at Totally Tan & Spa? The most advanced equipment in the industry – “that’s what sets us apart” says Nelson. 

A Great Experience for Any Customer

Totally Tan & Spa stands apart from other salons in the area by providing exceptional customer service, clean amenities, large selections of lotions and accessories, and a diverse group of high-end luxury equipment. Among the most popular pieces of tanning equipment for his customers is the Prestige 1600. This bed belongs to his Elite Sunbed membership. Nelson says “guests love the idea of getting a Red-Light therapy treatment [at] the same time they are getting some vitamin D.” 

Hybrid Light Technology mesmerizes customers with fast and long-lasting results using UV and Red Light in the same session, A luxurious and relaxing experience. “[Our] Elite sunbeds take your tanning to the max…an incredible experience that keeps you coming back” says Nelson.

Spa locations offer the Wellsystem Relax to their wellness and spa minded customers. The Wellsystem Relax is a heated dry water platform for full body hydrotherapy, relaxation, and rejuvenation in just 15 min or less. For customers looking for a spa experience, Totally Tan & Spa locations are designed to deliver a relaxing spa like environment for an enjoyable visit, every time.

“We have pulled in multiple Spa & Wellness services and by doing so it instantly opens the door for more new guests.  I don’t know anyone who is not intrigued or could use some wellness in their life” says Nelson. He says that he and his team provide services that make him stand out from other businesses.

“Being diverse in our industry gives you such an advantage guests want to walk in your door and have a variety of services to use to help them reach their personal beauty & wellness goals. The convenience of having it all at your salon really sets you apart from the rest.”

A Partner for the Future

An exciting part about the tanning and wellness industry is the ever changing and evolution and innovation of new technology. For more than 30 years, Ergoline has been the industry leader in tanning and light technologies. As JK looks to the future, the addition of Wellsystem Relax allows for customers to have a more well-rounded and diverse portfolio of equipment to choose from.

“The industry is changing rapidly. I can’t wait to see what new advanced equipment gets uncovered next” says Nelson. As a standard bearer and innovation leader, Ergoline looks to continue to grow the network of hard-working business owners by providing exceptional customer service and high-quality equipment. Nelson stated

“Ergoline stands out from the rest. From beautiful equipment to great results, Ergoline delivers. If you are looking at new UV or wellness equipment, I would highly suggest looking at Ergoline.”

Though the last year and a half have been amongst the most challenging for businesses, Nelson believes that it’s his team that drives his success. “We have such an incredible team. Our success is a contribution of a team built by minds that really care. We have been featured in the Island Sun Times as one of the top 250 spas in the United States and we have also been awarded recognition by our cities. Our mission is simple – deliver a great experience for every guest, every time with results everyone will notice!”


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