ALL IN ONE: The Ways JK Products & Services Supports You

From an outsider’s perspective, JK Products & Services can be seen by those unfamiliar with the company as nothing more than a tanning and wellness equipment manufacturer and distributor. You might be surprised to know how much the company has to offer their consumers. Here are some ways JK Products & Services support programs make it the all-in-one company for your business.

Diverse Equipment 

Equipment is the most obvious support that many of you already know JK for, but did you know how diverse our equipment selection really is?

JK offers Traditional UV, Hybrid Light, Beauty Light and Wellness equipment. Traditional UV light is the most widely known type of tanning in the industry. Hybrid light is both traditional UV and red light combined to achieve a more natural-looking and longer-lasting tan while helping the circulation of blood to the skin and body. Beauty Light, or Red-light therapy, promotes circulation of blood and can be the perfect addition for your fitness clients. Finally, the Wellsystem Relax is a hydrotherapy massage bed that helps relieve stress and tension in the body in 15 minutes or less. This equipment completes the diversification, allowing your salon to reach any customer base.


JK Products and Services provides online training to help individuals become Certified Ergoline Technicians. With thorough instruction and assessments, trainees are able to service and better understand Ergoline equipment.

As JK continues to grow their online resource and support opportunities, we encourage you to let us know how we can further support you and your business.

In addition, JK Academy is an online educational webinar series covering various topics from service to marketing, to help businesses and consumers learn more about what JK has to offer. The webinars also include information about implementing effective marketing and business practices, and are always available at

Marketing Tool and Kits

The JK Marketing Tool provides access to business marketing materials – from operating, promotional, product and medicine-approved posters, we’ve got your covered! JK also has marketing kits available with select purchases, such as our Hybrid Kit filled with holographic stickers, fanny packs and sunglasses to help promote any Hybrid equipment you offer in your facility.

JK Light & DC Five Star Program

Looking to stock your shelves with lotions and accessories? JK Light is a distributor for Devoted Creations products and can place orders to ensure your customer favorites are in stock. Apart from lotions, our customers can order lamps, disinfectants and tanning accessories.

A major benefit of JK Light is the DC Five Star Member program, which allows members to gain up to 10% cash back at the end of the year when they carry 75% Devoted Creations products and advertise them on their social media. Members get exclusive offers and resources, along with a Welcome Kit whenever they join. To learn more about how to join this program, reach. out to your JK Light representative.

By providing you with a diverse selection of equipment, education, marketing tools and JK Light resources, we strive to be your all-in-one place for all things tanning and wellness.


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