3 Tips to Close Out Your Busy Season: Maintain Your Engagement and Traffic to Your Business!

What if I told you that veterans of the tanning industry have experienced their busiest season ever this year? We would be surprised if you weren’t surprised. Who could have projected that the season following a global pandemic would boom for industries like tanning and wellness?

Industry leaders like Emily Sigmon with Carolina Tan, says it was nothing they would have known to prepare for but credit the shift to more education around sunlight and how beneficial it can be to their health. She says that the influx of customers is like nothing they have ever experienced, and they are becoming more aware of how to stay equipped for maintaining business after the “busy season” comes to a close. 

Here the 3 tips from on wrapping up your season and maintaining the engagement and traffic to your business. 

  1. Provide Education.

Education around tanning has greatly impacted the customer attitude about UV and sunlight. That education must continue within your business, but there are multiple levels of education to consider. 

Ensure that your customers are aware of your efforts to keep them safe during their time at your business. This can be accomplished through different approaches. We have seen an increase in signage for safe distancing and products on tanning equipment showing that the unit was properly disinfected. Though it seems as if we are seeing the tail-end of the pandemic, maintaining the level of education for safety must remain. 

Your employees are your greatest asset. Training your workers and providing them with proper information on the benefits of the service they are providing, will reflect greatly on your establishment. Each employee must be well equipped to speak on the equipment that your business offers. 

2. Use Digital Platforms.

Are you using your digital platforms to their greatest potential? As social platforms like Tik-Tok take off, salon owners are taking advantage of the opportunity to be at the fingertips of their target customers. Show your products, services, and share tips with your customers on social, they will appreciate the chance to engage with their favorite salon.

3. Upgrade & Invest in Diverse Equipment.

Michael Nelson with Totally Tan & Spa offers a variety of equipment for their customers. This year gave us a chance to really enhance our wellness sector and offer customers an overall wellness experience. He noticed that the diversification of equipment brought in new customers with different objectives and goals.

If you can offer something for everybody that could walk into your business, this will increase your opportunity for new customers and transactions. An investment in upgrading your current equipment can refresh and renew your business.

“As this season ends, take time to appreciate the challenges that this year has offered.”

As this season ends, take the time to appreciate the challenges that this year has offered. Let’s make the next season one to remember. Continue your customer and employee education. Engage with your customers online and invest in diverse equipment to bring new and encouraging opportunities to your business. 


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