Introducing JK Academy

Author: MaryKate Reid

JK Products & Services is excited to announce a new digital platform and resource for our customers, JK Academy.  The JK academy is a place where we host live informational and educational webinars, panel discussions and interviews with industry leaders. Here you will learn about marketing, business, tips from inside JK and more. Each webinar will answer specific questions that we have taken from our customers and allow you to engage and learn like never before with brands like Sunless Inc., Ergoline, WellnessJK, and more.

We know you are preparing for the unexpected during this season and we want to be right alongside you giving you the best tools to do so.  Starting this January, we will be kicking off JK Academy with a live introduction of what is to come for 2021 while emphasizing Marketing and the JK Tools and resources available.

We created JK Academy with you in mind, brainstorming on providing the best tools to support and accommodate your business. Marketing your business can be a confusing task sometimes, but we hope to make that process as simple as possible for you. With a dedicated focus on social media and digital marketing, you can learn specific tips that will impact your digital presence. You will also learn how to create valuable promotions, prepare ways to increase customer engagement, and understand what resource platforms you need to enhance your marketing tactics. Through JK Academy, we hope to give you the right tools and resources to advance your marketing while also providing you with valuable business strategies.

At JK Academy, you will have the opportunity to hear from our expert service technicians’ as they share tips and resources, participate in Q&A sessions and introduce our newest tools available in providing unmatched service.

We recognize that the current pandemic has impacted every business across the globe. Through JK Academy, our goal is to dive into the current and future trends of the ever-evolving industry to encourage, support and equip you with the knowledge needed for future success.

We are excited to be a part of building a library of resources created just for you.  Through classes and live webinars, you will learn how to utilize different modalities within your business specialty and how to create, maintain and adapt your business goals in a way that increases your profits and customer loyalty. Along with our family of brands, we will host guest speakers to accommodate and help facilitate your learning to ensure you have the most useful resources available at your fingertips. Visit to get started.


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