#travelwithergoline – Bringing the World Together Through a Tan

   For the first time in Ergoline history, we launched a world- wide campaign that reached tanners and non-tanners across the globe. This idea arrived around the time the world was introduced to the pandemic known as COVID-19. Travel was restricted. We were quarantined into our homes. Business were forced to shut down operations – our world was changing all around us every day. However, as time progressed, the world started to re-open. We were able to get back to business and salons began re-opening their doors. We wanted a way for our salons and their customers to escape to their favorite destination through Ergoline. Travel was restricted across the globe, but If you could find an Ergoline bed, you could go anywhere you wanted.

Ergoline Travel Kit

To get started, salons needed to register at the new travel with Ergoline website designed specifically for this campaign. The salons would fill out their information including a check box. Are you currently Open? Or we are not open but would love to participate when we do open. Not every Salon had re-opened based on their state’s decisions for re-opening, but we didn’t want that to stop them from participating once they did re-open their doors. Every salon that registered was placed on the EXCLUSIVE Ergoline Travel Map. This map would be available to the salons and would showcase their business alongside others who were participating.

We offered the first 25 salons that registered an Ergoline Travel Kit. This kit was only available in the United States. The travel kit was delivered in a custom designed Ergoline box. Each kit was packed with 10 “customer carry-on bags” – bags of Devoted creations lotion packets, headbands, pop sockets and lip balm. On the inside we included an ON THE MAP window cling to help promote the salon’s participation. Finally, we included a first-class boarding pass as well as information about our JK Marketing tool.


Here they could find free downloads of #travelwithergoline social media content and downloadable prints to advertise the campaign. Within 8 hours, we had over 40 Salons across the nation register to participate. Here in the U.S., over 150 salons in total joined the #travelwithergoline campaign. As excited as the campaign sounds, the best part was the chance to WIN. Not only could the salons win, the individual tanners had the chance to participate and win as well. Salons could win $500 of lotion, lamp, or equipment credit and a custom-made promotional video from the Ergoline team. Tanners would receive 10 free tanning sessions at their salon and a special gift from Ergoline. This campaign would run from June 1 – August 31 and we would choose one salon and one tanner each month for a total of 6 winners in the United States.

How could they win? How did we choose the winners? To win, we asked the salon and tanner to post a picture on their social channels and do two things: tag @ergolineus on Instagram or @Jkproductsus on Facebook and use the hashtag

#travelwithergoline in the caption. Immediately Ergoline noticed many posts come through; we were off! Each month we changed the criteria for our winners. June, we chose the winners based on how many times they posted and followed the guidelines. July, we asked our salons to get creative – show us how you can creatively post about #travelwithergoline. August, we asked them to finish strong. We chose the salon that participated in the campaign from the beginning and finished strong through August. We also surprised the participants with a new prize for August: $1000 worth of lotion, lamp or equipment credit!

The participation across the world was amazing. We saw positive spirits and watched as Ergoline brought the world together through a tan. For the first time ever, we were able to collaborate with salons in other countries across the globe. The incredible support and participation from our customers leave us excited and encouraged to come together more often. We hope our customers had just as much fun as we did and look forward to our next big campaign. No matter the outcome of the pandemic, always know you can take off to your favorite destination through an Ergoline bed.


Author: Victoria Eckert

Victoria Eckert is the Communication & Content Specialist in the Marketing department for JK Products & Services. Victoria brings an extensive background in communication and social media management. She is a Veteran of the U.S. Army and a graduate of Arkansas State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications with emphasis in Public Relations, Advertising and Social Media Management. Victoria is currently in graduate school to obtain her Master’s in Communication.


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