Rewrite the Book on Success

The last couple of months have been challenging to say the least. With the fear of the unknown, the ability to adapt and continue to drive forward has been at the forefront of all of our minds.

As business continue to open, we are still faced with uncertainty, but now is the time to continue to focus forward for both your employees and your customers.

Make it an Event

We can look at the reopening of your facility in different way, but I’d like to think that this is the perfect opportunity to put a twist on it and mark it as a Grand Re-opening. It’s a way to remind your community about your business while creating some excitement about opening your doors. Your clients are eager to get back to your business; they have missed out on your services and want to get back to any sense of normalcy. When it comes to reopening, there is a lot to get done but why not take the opportunity to celebrate this new chapter and make it memorable and fun.

Re-engage your staff

If you have already re-opened or plan to soon, keep your staff up to date with the plans so that they may prepare. Schedules have changed, and employees are now balancing new work procedures, taking care of their children, and so they will need some time to make sure they can adjust to the new schedule. This is the perfect time for retraining your staff, and we can help with that here at JK Products and Services. With the new CDC guidelines, making sure your staff is well informed and properly trained, will be key to making sure everything runs smoothly and safely. It will also give your clients the peace of mind that your facility is sanitized and disinfected accordingly. It would be wise to give them a little homework before getting back to work so they can ready themselves for the reopening, after all, business will be different with limited to no contact at your front desk. It will be extremely important to provide them with the proper PPE once business is open, you will need to have enough gloves and masks as well as the best sanitizing disinfectants like Lucasol and Myst-X on hand for them. Remind them that not only do we want to protect our clients, the safety of our employees comes first.

Safety First

Safety and cleanliness are going to be major factors to make your clients feel comfortable once back in your salon or facility. Do your research, be sure that you and your staff have a good understanding of what disinfecting products meet the EPS criteria. Know the differences between cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing and educate your staff as well:

Cleaning – (with soap and water) can remove impurities, germs, and dirt. The CDC recommends cleaning surfaces before disinfecting.

Sanitizing – reduces bacteria specifically identified on product packaging but may not destroy all bacteria.

Disinfecting – is the process of destroying and removing pathogenic microorganisms and organisms present of the surface.

Sterilization – is the process that eliminates all forms of life such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.


It is recommended that you create a plan for keeping your facility clean and disinfected. Itemize and prioritize your equipment, create a cleaning schedule, and remove any unnecessary equipment that is not needed. If you are looking training videos for your employees, visit the JK Back to Business website for videos and more supporting your business as you re-open.

At this point we are all eager and motivated to get back to a normal lifestyle, there are just a few more rules in place in order to do so. I believe that if we embrace the changes, if we are flexible to pivot and move the company’s direction and plan, success can be had. Who knows, maybe we can be the ones to rewrite the book on what success look like and make it back from a pandemic stronger than ever before.


Jarrod Headshot About the Author:

Jarrod Rouanzoin is an Ergoline equipment Sales Manager for JK Products & Services located in Dallas, TX. Previously employed in the Key Account division with Precore Fitness, he brings a wealth of intersectional industry knowledge, white-glove account management and drive to the team. As a life-long athlete and quarterback, Jarrod understands the value of a team and leads with humility.


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