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Time to Get Back to Business

2020 has brought unprecedented times for all.  With constant uncertainties, our daily business lives have been altered. Some of us are working from home, and some of us have had to close our doors to protect our clients and employees.  How can we adapt and continue to move forward?  Finding productive things to do during this time is not only essential for our mental health but can allow us to position our businesses so we are prepared to reopen and welcome customers back through the doors. (Now is the prime opportunity to take care of the things in your business that have been neglected due to lack of time.)

JK Products & Services is continuously learning, leaning and adapting during this time and we have shared 3 ways on how to adapt and drive forward: Stay in touch with your employees & customers, Disinfect & educate, and prepare to re-open with exciting promotions.


Check on your Employees

As we know, the business is affected, but it’s the employees and customers that make a business possible.  Check on your customers, send them encouraging messages, and if your business is temporarily closed seek out creative ways to stay in touch with your employees.   At JK Products & Services, we have a close ‘family’ of employees that we care greatly for. Not only did the virus strike our business, but on March 28, a dangerous EF3 tornado tore through Jonesboro, Arkansas; the location of our United States headquarters. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured, but it left several of our employee’s homes and property damaged as well as the business section of our city. The well-being and health of our employees comes first. Adapting to the environment and virus will take time, keeping lines of communication open will help to strengthen relationships and provide support to overcome the challenges we are all facing.



Now is the time to take the extra steps to deep clean and ensure your business is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. Educating your employees on proper cleaning is the first step in the cleaning process. To make this easy, we have made several best practices tips for you as salon owners, visit our social media pages to see how you can educate your employees on proper cleaning techniques and JK’s best practices.

Prepare to Re-Open

This can be considered the most important part about driving forward.  Now is the time to evaluate processes to prepare for the near future as well as to adapt to any future challenges; for example, updating business policies and parameters within your salon management system. Take time to see what has been working for your business and your customers. Creating fun and new ways to engage with your customers can give you an opportunity to drive new business and keep existing clients coming into your business. Offering sales on merchandise or bundles to encourage more spending is another example on how to drive forward and continue business in a positive direction.

Looking for resources to re-open your business? Visit our Back to Business website to find all resources you might need for a successful re-opening.


As we navigate through these times, know that we do it together. We face these challenges together. Time will soon pass, and we will drive forward. Checking on your employees and customers, disinfecting and prepping for re-open are just a few of the ways we have found to stay productive durning this time. How will you take this time to make a change in your business and in the industry. Adapt and drive as we will keep our face toward the sun. Until then, face and overcome your challenges knowing that you’re not alone.


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