Keep Your “2020” Vision

By Victoria Eckert

We have made it! 2020. A new decade! You might think that 2019 is a thing of the past. Maybe there were some bumps in the road? Maybe you lost valued employees on the journey to 2020? In most cases, you’d be ready to forget the past and ready to move forward with a new start to the decade. But what if your company, like many others, rolled out a new product, or business plan? For JK Products & Services, 2019 was a tremendous growth year. We’ve hired new members, promoted existing members and introduced new technology to the industry. So how do we keep the momentum that we had growing in 2019 carried over into 2020? How do we keep our 2020 vision?

Reinforce your goals

Achieving success in the business starts with a goal. But not just any goal. We want to set strong yet achievable goals. Our company has goals, our locations have their own goals, our departments have their own goals and our individual employees have their own goals. All of those lead right back to the overall company goal. We would not be successful without the employees setting and achieving their objectives. We are consistent about checking in with where we are in the process of achieving those goals. For us, our big projects started in 2019. Now, with the new year, we took what we learned from last year and we apply it to 2020, relying heavily on the success of our employee’s dedication for achievement.

Empower your Employees

JK has 455 outstanding employees that work hard every day. We have a variety of team members that have different motivations. Know the strengths of each member and what makes them feel confident. Small gestures of appreciation have proven to improve an employee’s work ethic immediately. What works for one may not work for the other. This is why it is imperative to know who is on your team and trust their knowledge and skillset. Your trust will improve productivity and allow them to do what they were hired to do instead of having to check back with them. Encourage independence and watch how your goals for the year with be achieved with happy and successful employees.

Conquer Adversity

New year new me, right? All of the problems that we had in the past, well, those are in the past —not quite. While you might have surpassed last year’s anguish, the new year will bring new opportunities, as well as new challenges. Embrace challenges with an open mind. See those challenges as a new opportunity to grow. Look at them in a different light this year. No matter the circumstances, there will always be challenges to face. This year, CONQURE ADVERSITY!


While 2020 did not bring flying cars and talking dogs, it did bring a chance to be better than last year; a chance to learn and to grow. We are excited to see how this new year will treat us. We want to continue with a strong year and see our vision through. When it seems to be too much to handle, sit back, take a deep breath, and press on. Oh…and don’t worry, we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Always be on the lookout for what JK Products & Services can bring to you and your company!






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