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It comes as no surprise that JK Products & Services continues to lead the tanning industry worldwide. Ergoline strives to embody quality, design and innovation as we produce groundbreaking technology and advancements. As the new year progresses, the industry continues to change and bring about new opportunities for growth and development not only in our products, but in our company as well. We continue to increase our employee footprint here in the United States with experienced and trusted new hires. Not only can we rely on our new employees to bring a wealth of knowledge and fresh experience, we have certainly leaned on our more seasoned employees as we have moved through many changes. Our current leaders have stepped up and proven to be essential assets to our company.

     Our Legacy: Looking back in the previous year, a great deal has changed but we feel more connected than ever before. We experienced a shift in our management. We expanded our knowledge by hiring gifted and driven employees. We evolved our brand to uphold our role as standard-bearers. Through product design, print, social media and messaging, all brands within JK Products & Services have undergone an overhaul. The redesign of our brands directly reflects who we are, and who you are. One of those many redesigns included the Sunrise 6200. At first glance the vertical design inspires with the LED illumination.  An all new tanning experience for your customers, state of the art 3D sound system with surround cooling plus, delivering a fresh breeze from head to toe.  Easy access control panel and customizable comfort settings makes this the perfect choice for stand-up customers.

You have seen the brand evolve and become more sophisticated. Each redesign was made with our most important feature in mind…the customer.

Our Future: An evolving industry requires a flexible, yet direct strategy for the future. A future for our products, a future for our employees and a future for our company.  This does not come as a burden but a chance to endure and stay on top of the industry.  We take this responsibility seriously. We mold our strategy to meet and exceed the expectations and a great part of that strategy…you. Direct and reliable communication has always been important to our reputation. As we move forward, we look to have more one-on-one conversations and feel more unified with our clients. This journey towards the future could not happen without the customer. Ergoline is a lifestyle. For everyone.

Keep an eye out for more exciting things to come from JK. 2020 will be a year for continued growth, and excellence. We will face the challenges with excitement and the success with humility. We look forward for sustaining the synergy and legacy you’ve come to expect from our products.

About the Author:

IMG_2186Victoria Eckert is the Communication & Content Specialist in the Marketing department for JK Products & Services. New to the company, Victoria brings an extensive background in communication and social media management. She is a Veteran of the U.S. Army and a graduate of Arkansas State University with a degree in Strategic Communications with emphasis in Public Relations, Advertising and Social Media Management.


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