Relax On The Go

Relax On The Go

by Alisa Anderson

When was the last time you relaxed? Maybe you sat down at the end of your day yesterday to watch a favorite show but while watching that show you heard the unmistakable beep that follows every email, text message, and social media alert. Even a passive activity like watching television is riddled with interruptions. Our minds are locked in a constant battle between living in the current moment or searching for the next. So, let me ask you again. When was the last time you relaxed? For most of us time seems to be limited. We all have the same amount of time in a day and yet it seems there is never enough of it. It seems like time is running out. Time is in high demand but short supply. So, how do we “find” more?

We are surrounded by technology designed to make life easier. This same technology has created a modern-day work model where employees are on-demand 24/7. With the rise of the smartphone, it is impossible to escape work emails and business calls. Our work is with us everywhere we go. What was designed to help us is actually hurting us. What was designed to free us has ended up enslaving us.

We over book, over schedule, and over commit. We juggle the daily intricacies of our life. But anyone who has ever learned to juggle knows that you never actually see any of the objects you’re juggling. They go into the air, spin round and round, and fly by in a blurry maze. The only thing you can think about is not dropping the objects. Just keep juggling. Just keep going.

Don’t pause. Don’t reflect.

You might drop everything.

Don’t stop. Don’t rest.

You might get passed in this race of life.


Bragging about how little time we have, how many hours we work, how busy we are, and how little sleep we get has become an invisible medal of honor we proudly wear. We drink energy drinks to stay awake. We take sleeping pills to fall asleep. We live in a society of fast food, fast cars, and fast service. Is our society addicted to speed? Is this a vicious cycle causing more stress? More problems? With so many things designed to make life easier why is emotional and physical stress on the rise? In a 2019 study published by The American Institute of Stress found that 77% of Americans reported regularly experiencing physical symptoms of stress while 48% reported that stress had regularly impacted their personal and professional life in a negative way. The study further reported the top 3 areas of stress came from jobs, money, and health pressures.

For most of us, stress has become an accepted part of life. We earn vacation time yet often feel guilt or shame for taking time off to go on vacation. We know that we need to relax and slow down, but we are all looking for a more efficient way to fit it into our schedule. In a 2019 article written by Elizabeth Scott, author of the book 8 Keys to Stress Management, she suggests some of the following practices as a way to “relax fast”:

  1. Meditation
  2. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  3. Visualization
  4. Have a good laugh

These are all good suggestions. For some of us, playing with a child, reading a book, doing yoga, or working out might be our go-to stress-relieving activity. The bottom line is that we all need to make time to relax before the pressures of life sneak up on us and stop us in our tracks. Relaxing looks different for everyone. Finding an activity doesn’t seem to be the problem. The question we all seem to be pondering is: “how do we find the time?”

Here at Ergoline, we may not be able to make you stop over thinking, over scheduling, or over committing yourself. We may not be able to send you away on a two week long vacation to a tropical paradise. What can we do? Listen. Listen to your needs. Listen to the needs of society. Listen to the desire for a way to “relax on the go”

Introducing the new Wellsystem Relax By Ergoline:


Unwind and decompress with full-body hydrotherapy, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Equipped with invigorating aroma therapy and soothing meditation tracks, feel the difference 15 minutes can make. Let yourself be soothed by hydro jet massage, aroma and color therapy, and a combination of calming and centering sounds. The Wellsystem Relax will transport you to a world of tranquility where you can experience superior health and wellbeing in even less time than it took you to read this article.

Feel the difference 15 minutes can make in your life. Hurry. Act fast. Time is running out. Rush. Order one today.  Soon, you and your customers can relax —— on the go! We did the work to find the solution. Now it’s up to you to find the time!

Introductory limited time offer if purchased by 11/15/2019.  For more information about the offer and the Wellsystem Relax, send us an email!


Guest Author: Alisa Anderson, Equipment Sales Manager, Ergoline

Alisa Anderson joins JK North America as an Equipment Sales Manager who specializes in new business development with over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Residing on the West coast, Alisa coordinates with established sales representatives to bring buying opportunities directly to the consumer. To contact Alisa, email her at



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