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Industry Changing Technology with Hybrid Performance


As a salon owner, have you ever wondered what the next groundbreaking technology would be? What type of advancements could change not only the way people experience tanning but the results altogether? As the world’s leader in technology development and market leader, JK North America has brought cutting edge technology to the forefront for over 25 years, and once again and broken through barriers with the introduction of the Prestige 1600 Hybrid Performance.

We are excited to announce that the very first FDA Clearance for Hybrid Performance (Red Light in combination with UV) was to JK issued as of October 2018 and first units began shipping in early 2019. Making significant strides forward for the industry as a whole, JK is the only manufacturer to receive an FDA Clearance for Hybrid Tanning Performance, bringing UV Tanning and Red Light together for the first time.

Hybrid Tanning Technology has been selling within European Markets for more than two years in advance of its release in the United States, and the feedback is clear, it is the only way to tan in the future. A total market shift has occurred over time in EU markets, from traditional UV devices to Hybrid Technology. From the initial introduction until today, market demand of Hybrid Technology has resulted in total device sales of Hybrid Technology capturing over 85% of the market.

Engineered with Smartsun Lamp Technology, which is a combination of Red Light and UV in the same lamp, allowing for enhanced skin care results without the loss of tanning performance. The result of this holistic environment creates synergistic effects between Red Light and UV, providing a more natural looking and longer lasting tan. The effects of Hybrid Performance on the skin and tan are apparent within one to two sessions, and users report that the skin is less irritated after a session (reduced erythema) along with enhanced golden results and skin tone (based on actual user feedback).

Most simply put, Hybrid Performance is the combination of UV and Red Light, which results in the need for up to 20% less UV to achieve better color results. Many have heard of or experienced the precursor to Hybrid Tanning through ‘Cocktail Sessions’ or the combination of Red Light followed by a tanning session. It is well known that a session in Red Light before you tan enhances your tanning results. However, Hybrid Performance in the Prestige 1600 takes the technology to the next level by creating the combination within a single session and further enhancing the results.


The Prestige 1600 Hybrid Performance also allows you to personalize your session output without losing the benefits of Red Light. The Personal Sunstyle feature allows individual choice in tanning from sensitive to intense. Each user selects their custom tanning experience from three tanning program options. Regardless of whether your customer is looking for a light glow or a dark bronze; the Prestige 1600 with Personal Sunstyle is always the perfect choice. Regardless of program choice, the full benefits of Red Light are maintained throughout the entire session.

Instead of simply turning off facial tanners during a session, like many of us do, now there is a better option. In addition to full adjustment during a session, a Red-Light only Facial session is a highly desirable option for the sensitive skin of the face and neck, and can be adjusted at any time.

Long awaited improvements in tanning technology are finally here, and as the industry responds to positivity and increased tan counts nationwide, there is no better time to begin learning about what Hybrid Technology can offer your business and customers.

Hybrid Technology gives customers a clear and delineated reason to upgrade into your higher level equipment offerings with the only equipment on the market that offers true Hybrid Performance. The Prestige 1600 was designed with salons in mind. Opening a gateway to improved results, better tanning environments for our users and upgraded experiences. Hybrid Performance by Ergoline is here to stay and available now.  Initial customer feedback from the U.S. Market has been overwhelmingly positive, seeing faithful UV users make the switch to Hybrid Performance and never go back, we don’t think you will either.

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    1. Yes, you can use regular indoor tanning lotion with the hybrid equipment. However, we recommend Fusion, a custom formulated lotion to work specifically for hybrid tanning.

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