“Why, How, What Now?”

This is the third article in a three-part series based on the Simon Sinek leadership classic, ‘Start With Why,’ and we circle back to review the most integral aspects leading your business.

Once you have caught a vision, and found excitement surrounding a new or innovative idea, it’s important to root your vision in a true and unquestionable ‘Why.’ Your reason for being a business owner, starting a new venture or taking a risk should be a weather tested motivation that consistently brings you back to true north in decision making. If your motivation is simply to make money, consider taking a role where you do not lead others in the process. However, if you are able to find true motivation and wrap passion around your commitment to business and your employees, then success and fulfillment will follow your ‘Why.’

Implementing your vision comes down to the gritty and unglamorous details of completing the task at hand and holding a standard of excellence. In business, as in life, there are visionaries to boot, but value is created by the successful implementation of your ‘Why’ or your vision. Remaining faithful to build core processes around your vision will ensure long-term operational achievement.


Finally, we are left to discuss the ‘What,’ after we have investigated the ‘Why’ of vision, the ‘How’ of implementation, all that’s left is the ‘What’ of application. With vision and implementation, your ‘What’ becomes a much easier load to bear. In fact, business becomes an enjoyable and fulfilling endeavor instead of a drain. Maybe all that’s needed to reinvigorate your ‘What’ or business is a shift in perspective, an update and review of your ‘Why’.

In all careers, businesses or projects, the path to success is never a straight line, it is filled with pivots, unexpected obstacles and challenges. However, the journey is often more insightful and impactful than the destination itself.  Throughout your lifetime you might find that you are part of many different ‘What’s’ and their success is largely determined by the vision and implementation that you bring with you to the project.

Our industry is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, and it is important to catch a renewed long-term vision. With a positive climate in place, make sure that you are willing to amend your ‘What’ or business, to changing landscapes. Let go of the former ways and know that with a vision and a plan you can stretch into a newer, evolved version of the earlier industry. The evolution of this industry includes new technology, expert owners, high-end consultation and streamlined environments.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to take the initiative and not be lapped by the competition, find your ‘Why’ and see the vision through to completion; and of course for more read ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek.

Written by Brynn Scarborough and originally featured in the December 2017 Issue of Island Sun Times Magazine. Future Focused with Ergoline Monthly Column.


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