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Even if you’ve come through a challenging season in your business or personal life, the secret is to stay focused on the future and try again tomorrow.


I had a decision to make regarding content for the column this month; a simple choice between authenticity and a canned motivational article that’s been read or ignored a dozen times before. I chose the former.

A good January article is supposed to be about goal-setting, decision-making and excitement for the New Year – this may not be a good article. There are times in our professional lives and personal lives when we are tested, and not every year is an easy one. For me personally, 2016 was a year like that, and I walk into 2017 asking some pretty basic questions. How do we begin again?

Instead of pretending to be bulletproof and that life, tragedy or circumstances don’t ever get in the way of your business trajectory or personal goals, let’s speak as if we are real people. What do you do when you’re not sure what to do?

Back to Basics

When life and business are thrown off balance, a return to basics is often an essential first step in getting back to a place of regular productivity. Reminding yourself, an employee or even your team of the fundamental building blocks that created success in the past can be the beginning of a new chapter.

Return to the Core

Guiding principles and core values that give meaning to business are important to return to when you are looking for motivation. What is your personal mission statement? If you don’t have one, this is precisely where to begin. To begin forming a mission statement, start by reflecting on a few simple questions.

  • What value do I provide?
  • Who do I serve?
  • How would I like to be perceived in the market?

Answering these core questions will begin leading you to a mission statement and value proposition for your business – these principles are universally applicable, both professionally and personally. Maybe it’s time to update core elements or values to better serve your customer. Now is the time to make a real and honest assessment. Committing to a grandiose vision is easy when emotion and motivation are running high; but it’s in the trenches that character and sheer force of will maintain your commitment and drive your business forward.

Find the Spark

Look for inspiration in unexpected places; take a detour from your regular routine. If the last year has thrown you a curve ball or two, then a return to the basics might be just the reminder you and your team need to reestablish momentum. If you’re feeling drained by “business as usual,” get outside your comfort zone. If 2016 forced you outside your comfort zone through changes or circumstances beyond your control, then use that space for everything it’s worth. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, get acquainted with being the problem solver, be the hero in your own story.

Most importantly, never stop. There is no secret to staying Cloud 9 motivated all the time; we all have difficult seasons. Even if you have come through a challenging season in your business or personal life, the secret is to stay focused on the future … and try again tomorrow.

-Brynn Scarborough

Future Focused with Ergoline

Column featured in IST Magazine, January 2017

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