Cool For The Summer


Summer is Here…

It’s the first official week of Summer and temperatures are soaring across the nation. Is your salon ready for the dog days of summer?
Make sure you have the right equipment to keep your customers cool and comfortable all summer long with Ergoline.


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Cool For the Summer

Stay call all summer long with luxurious comfort features from Ergoline. From Air Conditioning and Temptronic to Aqua Mist & Aroma, we’ll make sure your customers are cool all summer long…High-end features like Temptronic allow cool air to flow between the layered acrylic surface during a tanning session, ensuring that your customers enjoy 360° of cool.


Hot For the Summer

A great tan is all you need to be ready for summer, whether is a beach vacation or a weekend pool party, Ergoline has exactly the equipment you need to ensure your customers will be perfectly bronzed for their next getaway or stay-cation…and remember #notanlines


Fit For the Summer

The perfect tan and a muscle toning workout are the perfect summer combination. Every body is a beach body, and Ergoline is here to make sure your customers look and feel their best with the new addition the Vibra-Shape feature in the top performing Sunrise 480.


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