Escaping the Comfort Zone

           Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.26.44 PM We can all agree that growth is a good thing, personally and professionally. Growth in business means increased opportunity and responsibility. In our industry and others, growth can’t happen without change. However, for many of us, change is very uncomfortable. We are all guilty of getting entrenched in our individual viewpoints and practices, but there comes a point when change becomes inevitable. Our industry is in transition and the businesses that are thriving all have one thing in common; they made friends with change.

            While it is common to be uneasy with change, the opposite is even more unsettling; stagnation. Holding too tightly to old or outdated practices, even if they were successful, is an impediment to growth.

Rear Admiral, Grace M. Hopper once commented, “The most dangerous phrase in language is ‘We’ve always done it this way.” As one of the first female pioneers in computer programming for the U.S. Navy, she would know.

Change and Fear

            The way we view ongoing opportunities to improve and grow will shape the how we proceed into the next few years in the tanning industry. Instead of clinging to ‘the way we’ve always done it,’ its’ time to pioneer new processes, introduce new technology and pave new roads to success. Our industry is filled with resourceful, savvy and well-equipped business owners, who are more than capable of traversing change successfully. Skillful navigation requires an open mind and letting go of the grip on the past.

Change and Productivity

            We are often our most productive when we are uncomfortable. As creatures of habit, we fall into patterns easily, those patterns become ingrained into our daily lives and events that threaten our comfort become subjects of avoidance. However, comfort is deceiving and often the enemy of true productivity.  Falling into a routine of comfort with your business is a dangerous trap, concessions are made in the process of trying to maintain the status quo. However, the ability to not only accept change but meet it with open arms, coupled with a nimble business strategy creates room for longevity and development.

            Many in our industry are bewildered by the fear of change; fear of developing regulation, fear of market shifts and fear of uncertainty. Nevertheless, we have an opportunity to use uncertainty as a catalyst for invigoration and innovation. Salon and business owners who are profitably navigating the open waters of change are continually adapting and evolving.

Change and Leadership

            Embracing the next evolution in our industry is essential and leaders will emerge from the changemakers. Those who are collaborative and open will be poised for growth. While the businesses who are stubbornly holding onto antiquated practices will continue to spin their wheels, wishing for the ‘good ole days.’ These days are ours for the making, so get uncomfortable, get unsettled, get shaken up…and get growing!

Written by Brynn Scarborough and Featured in the April Issue of Island Sun Times Magazine

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